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What is the best online graphic design course? The subject of graphic design can be broken down into many areas making it hard to put your finger on exactly what graphic design is. Is graphic design only used in the advertising industry? Or is it used in fashion deigning as well? Does digital drawing and illustration fall into the graphic design category? Maybe graphic design is technical drawing and creating virtualizations? Let’s take this opportunity to and try clear things up. Graphic design covers a broad spectrum of visual digital design. It covers all the fields that have already been mentioned. It is used in all aspects of advertising, in company branding, in the world of publishing, it can bring great graphic solutions to fashion houses and any profession that uses digital drawing and illustrations. We invite you to try a free test lesson with our online teacher.

Learn about Graphic and Visual Design

Graphic Design Studies – Certificate – “Graphic Designer”

Learn about Graphic and Visual Design- Online College of Graphic Design offers a wide range of courses, all of which will allow you to gain practical working knowledge and certification in multi-disciplinary graphic design. Our courses focus on building a design concept, colour theory and choosing optimal colours in graphic design along with the importance of colour choice in business. The Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign programs are all taught as part of the course. Throughout the course you ill be set practical exercises which can all be added to the portfolio that you will be building as you learn. You will also be given great advice and practical tips from our tutors as well as help with building your portfolio.

Graphic Design- working from home
Graphic design is a career that will allow you to work from home. You will need to acquire several clients to work with. Word of mouth is the best way of getting new clients. It only takes 1-2 satisfied customers to spread your name through dozens of potential new clients. You will need to have outstanding customer service skill and also to make sure you achieve all the creative and time goals that your client sets. It is also very important to keep up to date with all the latest programs and innovations that come onto the market as well as regularly updating your portfolio.


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Graphic Design Portfolio
It is important to have a professional portfolio that holds various graphic designs you have created to show to potential clients or future employers who may wish to hire your services. Make sure you have a wide a varied selection of works to show from different fields of graphic design, remember graphic design is an industry in it’s own right.

Adobe InDesign online course

InDesign (Adobe InDesign) is software that enables advanced pagination, creating products that contain combination of text and images, such as: catalogues, magazines, books, etc. We invite you to try a free test lesson with our online teacher.

During the course you will learn to implement and fully control the following tools and controls to a high specification.

InDesign course online contents:

* Introduction and explanations on the software’s commands.

* Basic Commands

* Lasso tool, black arrow, white arrow, line tool, magic wand.

* Editing tools, building elements, construction and restoration of logos.

* Arrangement of objects and graphics in correct composition.

* Align elements relating to the graphic design.

* Change the graphical elements, small / growing and maintaining symmetry

transform in correct proportions.

* Texts, import text from other programs, preparing ads, text on the form.

* Tabs

* Colour libraries, screen colours (RGB), print colours (CMYK).

* Colour Libraries according to different catalogues- correct graphical work.

* Document view, methods of efficient and easy work.

* Rulers for precise graphic composition maintaining proper graphic design.

* Transparency of different effects, making the past work we did in Photoshop

with InDesign.

* work correctly with layers while creating graphic projects and receiving

layers from Photoshop (connection between softwares).

* Crossings colours network.

* Printing productions, export for printing house and web programmers.

* Construction of objects and handling objects.

* Construction of lines and vector objects.

* Writing on graphic objects and distortion

* Transformation, changes of graphic elements.

* Pen tool- basic graphic illustration

* Path construction- lines and unique graphics

* Construction of buttons and objects for the Internet

* Home pages.

* Create tables.

* Writing on paths.

* Create advanced effects on images.

* Create advanced effects on graphic objects

* Files in different formats

* Colours

* Advanced gradient colours.

* Libraries

* Styles.

* Correct working files to connect with other graphical programs that need InDesign

* Tips and shortcuts to work more effectively and efficiently in order to save time.

Photoshop Courses

This professional online Photoshop course taught by some of the best tutors from the field of design will prepare you to work with images of any kind. The Photoshop course concentrates on creating amazing effects on images and the use of images to promote sales. Numerous business owners use Photoshop when presenting their product, adding ambiance and sensation to increase interest and promoting sales.
We invite you to try a free test lesson with our online teacher.

The Photoshop course is suitable for the following professions:

Graphic designers

Graphic artists

Interior designers


Product designers


Website builders

Web designers

Media professions

Fashion designers

Beauty and fashion industry professionals

Jewelry design etc.

Adobe Photoshop for Graphic Designers
The Photoshop for Graphic Designers course consists of the following modules:

Picture processing

Picture design and composition.

Creating a background by integrating images.


Website design.

Creating an advertisement portfolio.

Multidisciplinary design.

Advert design.

working with print houses.

Photography Photoshop Course
The Photography Photoshop course includes practical learning of picture design, mapping images and post photography ambiance. The course is made up of the following modules:

Photo correction and image enhancement.

Post photography enhancement of images.


Cutting and extracting elements.

Injecting ambiance in a picture.

Colour renewal.

Correction of lighting and over exposure.

Working with RAW files.

Area lighting.

Blemish removal.

Facial & body alteration.

Photoshop Course for the World of Fashion
The Adobe Photoshop program is known as the most useful tool in the fashion world. Photography Lab technicians learn the following:

Body restructuring.

Making of a new picture composition.

Creating ambiance.

Facial modification.

Alteration of body lines.

Blemish removal.

Wrinkle correction.

Removal of body imperfections.

Ear reduction.

Eye alterations.

Facial enhancement.

Facial skin tone appearance.

Body line enhancement etc.

Photoshop Course for Architects and Interior Designers.
This specialized architect and interior designer Photoshop course generally focuses on Photoshop simulations of architectural constructions. The Course ontains:

Creating simulations in Photoshop.

Picture depth and perspective.

Combining of various files in Photoshop

Image renewal.

Area collage.

Accentuation of professional programs of interior design and PSD file transfers.

Integration and synchronization of programs.

Creating image ambiance.

Creating backgrounds to match a concept.

Image design and branding.

Colour theory etc.

Photoshop Course for Web Designers
A Photoshop course teaching the design and building of websites hat focuses on Photoshop for the Net. The Internet has it’s own rules and in order to catch the eye of the surfer and enhance the surfing experience, computerized graphic design needs to stick to the colour theory and all it’s implications. The Photoshop course for website construction includes:

Very low resolution graphic design.

Image integration.

Creating buttons.



Home pages.

Designing landing pages.

Graphic designs for galleries.

Integration of pages.

Graphic design, colour theory etc.

Illustrator Course

Here , we understand that to learn Illustrator from the surrounds of your natural habitat gives the student a heightened level of concentration creating a more effective learning environment. This is part of the reason why our 1 on 1 learning methods are so effective. The student benefits from the tutor’s full and undivided support and attention. You no longer have to rearrange your schedule around class times, now your lessons are pre-booked around your schedule with lesson times available throughout the day, from early in the morning until late in the evening. We invite you to try a free test lesson with our online teacher.

Adobe Illustrator Course- what is Illustrator?
Any professional whose work is based around design and/or graphics will need to complete an Illustrator course. Illustrator is designated for graphic designers, illustrators, fashion designers and any other professional who works with graphics and design. The Illustrator program is used for pagination and graphic illustration. There are many advantages to working with Illustrator which is why it is classed as the leading program in the field of design.

Freehand was the program used in the past but now the newer and more up to date Illustrator is now the most popular program in use. Used together with the Photoshop and Indesign programs, Illustrator completes the triangle of programs used in design due to the fact that these programs are easily integrated and effectively shorten the work process.

Illustrator Course- what will I learn?
Our Illustrator course will provide you with in-depth working knowledge of the Illustrator program and teaches you to be fully confident and able to use this program and all the possibilities it has. This course will train you to create:

Illustrations and graphic designs for websites.

The various types of logo design.

Professional quality typographic work.

Breathtaking textile prints.

Precise textures of a high quality.

3D based objects.

Image combinations, line building and vector objects.

Files for the internet and print houses.

Graphical textures.

You will, as well receive explanations of Illustrator’s basic directives and will practice the construction of elementary graphics, wording and font styles for advertising purposes, editing and placement of an object while maintaining the correct composition, the enlargement and reduction of an object while maintaining correct proportions and learn the various imaging effects.

You will be taught how to work with:

The colour library.

Screen colours.

Print colours


The Illustrator course will give you positive working habits ensuring the creation of correct and work and effective time saving skills.
Online School for Graphic Studies will instill a good working knowledge and expertise of the Illustrator program. The course emphasizes on teaching you all the necessary information while encouraging the development of creativity and making the whole experience as enjoyable as possible.